We never imagined to grow such a big fan base for the community on 123movies. Therefore, we are so happy to have your love and support over the past years and rough months. To Keep up with rapid changes we always have to change the domain name or the domain extension. Please bookmark your favorite and they should always redirect to the latest live website. We value your support and commitment and hope that 123movies has served you well.

How to Watch Movies Online

We all hate paying for movies at the rental stand or online for rent, or even buying a DVD. Thats why 123Movies has grown in popularity and became established as the best streaming site in the world. With over thousand of movies and shows you can watch your favorites every day on your couch without having to pay a penny. Here are the steps on how to stream movies on 123movies

1. Search a movie on the website that you would like to watch. If its a tv show or episode then search the series name.
2. Click on the movie and close any ads you have that come up. Click again on the play Button.
3. Next you will see a black embed screen with mirrors on the right and a play button in the middle. Click play and close any windows that might come up.
4. If the video does not load then use mirror 2 and mirror 3. If all three do not load then try to reload the page and try mirror 1 again.
5. If you experience any issues than feel free to contact us using the contact email provided.

Thank you for You Support and Love. 123Movies


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